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You know the deal- it is dangerous on the street and in your car. If you don't like to carry a gun carry something. When you get jacked up or even if it is

an aggressive panhandler that is roughing you up.....Get these---he'll "Get The Point" 5 inches of stainless steel jabbed in deep :)

It comes with the Velcro for the purse strap or bra strap or the sun visor--there is one in all my families vehicles and on all the purse straps.

College girls get the bra strap point- not allowed to have a hair pin on their purse strap on campus- the guys put the bra strap point on a belt loop

they are solid- with an aluminum sheath to protect you and Velcro to wrap it up

so "wrap it up, I'll take it"!  They are on ebay--and cheaper than dirt--stay alive and don't get raped girls and boys.

The long Point with aluminum sheath and Velcro to attach it to the purse strap is $20.  The Bra strap Point with aluminum sheath and Velcro is $22

The sunvisor Point needs a lot more Velcro and Velcro is expensive. It is $30 but well worth it. The sunvisor Point is so handy to grab and deploy-it's aright there!

And no city that we are aware of has a law against carrying a Hat Pin!

If you are uneasy about buying something off a website- they are on ebay- buyer protection and paypal are comforting- but ebay and paypal take 13 percent of

the sale price-- so you will have to add that to our price.



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